Setup Oracle credentials with Onepoint

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This article's assumption is that you correctly installed Onepoint through this link or this link.

Install Dependencies

On Onepoint servers, you need install some dependencies

 ]# yum install python-devel libaio

Install Oracle Instant Client

From Oracle website (link below), download Oracle Instant Client RPM package. If you want, you can also install Oracle SQL*Plus optional package, for testing purposes.

 ]# yum localinstall oracle-instantclient<VERSION>-basic-<VERSION>.x86_64.rpm


 ]# yum localinstall oracle-instantclient<VERSION>-sqlplus-<VERSION>.x86_64.rpm

Install cx_Oracle Python Library

You need to install cx_Oracle library through Python pip utility. Earlier in onepoint installation, you installed pip utility.

 ]# pip install cx_Oracle

Create Oracle Instance Asset

You need to create an OracleDB asset, whose name is <ADDRESS>::<SID>. Please, fill also the IPv4 field with server's IP address New Oracle DB asset

Create Delegate Credential for this instance

 Note: We are using svc_admin as delegate credential name for demo purposes. You can use other name of your choice, but you need to replace the new name for svc_admin occurrences in this guide. Also, you need to edit oracle scripts to use that name (in the end of this article you can see how to do it)

You need to use a delegate credential for this instance. Let's create the account svc_admin in Oracle for managing credentials

Creating admin user in Oracle

Connect as SYSDBA for creating the user. Remember to replace password for <PASSWORD> occurrence in script below.

 ]$ sqlplus SYS AS SYSDBA
 Enter password:
 Session updated
 SQL> CREATE USER svc_admin identified by <PASSWORD>;
 User created
 Grant succeeded
 Grant succeeded

Creating Deletage credential in Onepoint

In Onepoint, in Vault > Delegate Credentials > New, add svc_admin under the Oracle Instance.

New Oracle DB delegate credential

Set password for the delegate credential with password chosen earlier in user creation.

Change Oracle DB delegate credential password

Customize Delegate Account name in scripts (optional)

If you want to use a different account name for oracle default delegate account, you must edit both oracle scripts in Onepoint Development Studio. Go to Development > Development Studio, and then click open icon to open the scripts oracledb-account-discovery and oracledb-change-password. You must edit the variable defaultValues / adminaccount in the begining of the script for changing the admin account name. Remember saving the script after changing.

Change default admin account for Oracle DB in Onepoint Oracle scripts

Now it's ready

Now you can perform account discovery and password changes for your Oracle DB instances.

 Note: For each instance, you need to add the asset and the delegate credential for it.