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You have some options for downloading Onepoint Systems Integration.

Minimum Requirements for Onepoint

Before installing onepoint, you should verify the following requirements for a production or stress-test environment:

Minimum Hardware Requirements (Physical or Virtual)

  • CPU: At least 4 CPUs
  • RAM: At least 1GB per logical CPU recommended
  • Disk: At least 100 GB free on the installation/data partition.

Minimum Software Requirements

  • OS: CentOS 7
  • Database: MariaDB 10 or later OR MySQL 8 or later
  • PHP: v7.0 or later with the following extensions:
    • php-bz2
    • php-curl
    • php-ldap
    • php-gd
    • php-gmp
    • php-imap
    • php-mbstring
    • php-mcrypt
    • php-soap
    • php-mysqlnd
    • php-xml
    • php-zip
    • php-json
  • Python: v2.7 with the following packages:
    • pip
    • python-ldap
    • paramiko
  • Runtime Libraries:
    • curl
    • curlpp
    • libssh
    • json-c
    • json-cpp
  • Other tools:
    • psutils
    • psmisc
    • telnet (Client)
    • SSH Server
    • SSH Client

Minimum Network Requirements

  • Outbound ports: Onepoint machine needs to access the managed assets in their respective protocols:
    • LDAP / Active Directory: 389/tcp, 636/tcp; privileged account for the instance
    • Windows Servers: 135/tcp, 445/tcp; privileged local or domain account for the machines
    • Linux Servers: 22/tcp; privileged account for the machine
    • MySQL/MariaDB: 3306/tcp; privileged account for the instance
    • PostgreSQL: 5432: privileged account for the instance

Licensing considerations

After registering on our website (, you will until 24 hours receive a license file with instructions on how to install. For using and updating the product, and having access to its features, you will need to install this license.

Package Repository

Download / Installation

  1. Installing Onepoint on CentOS 7